Stefanie Kat

Stefanie is a Melbourne, Australia based voice over artist with a passion in creating characters for animations and video games and telling the world about your amazing product and service in a commercial.
You can hear Stefanie in various videos on the popular YouTube channel, RomCom Manga Chan and upcoming projects such as Killer Kiss (as well as the writer and performer of the Killer Kiss theme song) and Twilight Oracle coming soon to steam.
With a home recording set-up able to work remotely for your convenience via Zoom, Skype and Discord.
Please no inquires for projects considered lewd Not Safe For Work (NSFW) and minimal to no swearing, thank you!
Accepting inquiries for paid projects only, rates are negotiable and flexible for most budgets and payment method via PayPal (other payment methods are also negotiable)Recording Set-Up
(as of 1/2/2024)
Microphone: Rode NT1 condessor XLR microphone
Interface: Solid State Logic SSL2
D4W: Audacity
Education and Training
2021-present: Private acting and vocal coaching with Liana Brenner and Olaide Ajewole
2022: Voices of tomorrow workshop with Andy Wells and Cecelia Ramsdale
2022: Introduction into Improv workshop with Indiana Kiely at The Improv Conspiracy
2022: 3 night studio course with Abbe Holmes
2022: Multicasting in Video Games workshop with Aimee Smith
2023- 6 week Closing Credits Voice Acting 101 with John Wang
2024- Anime 101 with Christine Marie Cabanos
2024- Anime Walla with Morgan Berry
Client Testimonials
"Very quick and very professional.. I would for sure give her a chance on any project you won't be disappointed"
"I had a lot of fun working with Stefanie! She is really talented with what she has in store. I had her voice in a comic dub of mine, and not only did she fit the bill for her role perfectly, but her lines were submitted in a timely manner. Overall, I highly recommend Stefanie, as she has a great future ahead of her with the passion for voice acting she has!""When I had started looking for voice actors for my series Fell Dragon, I never thought I'd find anyone willing to work with me. When Stefanie signed up to take on three roles, I was surprised that anyone would do that, but after working with her for a few months, I really appreciate her and I'm glad she's a part of my team. Glad to have had a chance to meet her!""Okay, where do I start? Stefanie is an amazing person and often gives the best advice, especially regarding projects. If you want a great voice actor, cast her already. She always submits her lines as quickly as she can and is dedicated to the projects she works on. When I've needed her to submit some lines for Sakura and Yume-two characters from Fell Dragon-she has and they've always been top performance. She's able to embody the characters she voices and brings them to life the way you'd expect. Okay, my rant is over now, and you can go ahead and cast her...seriously, stop reading and cast her already!""Stefanie did an amazing job with her awesome voice acting for my series, she's really kind as well. Her voice is beautiful as well as her accent so be sure to let her join your project!""Stephanie is a joy to work with. Even with very little direction, they hit the mark every time! Listening to the takes they send in puts a smile on my face :D ; if you need a talented VA with a cute Australian accent, Stephanie is exactly what you’re looking for!""This is the first time I've worked with Stefanie and she's a very sweet and nice person to work with. She's pretty talented and very responsible with the audio/recording deliveries. We had great communication from start to finish and she was always updating me on her next upcoming recordings. She gave such an excellent performance as Stacy in the It Lives project, the emotion she brought to life with this character was stunning. She delivered nice, clear, and clean audio as well. I highly recommend you to work with Stefanie in the future!""Always a pleasure working with Stefanie Kat. She always gets the right tones and emotions for each line and even add a different but similar version for the editor to in the emotion that the character is playing. Good job!!""Stefanie is such a talented and dedicated Voice Actress, When she gets a new character she is all in with them, She was casted as little kid for a project I helped with and when we asked for her to go crazy whenever she had sugar, She didn't hold back, She sounded as authentic as a kid on sugar possibly can, I love working with her and I can't wait to see where the future takes us on our projects, Keep up the great work Stefanie!"Vocal range: medium-high
Accents: Australian, American (North, Southern, NY), British RP, Greek, Russian
Can also speak some conversational Greek (not fluent)

Professional Character Voice Demo Reel 2022 made by Andy Wells

Previous Work:

As Narrator and Best Friend

As Katherine, Miranda, Mrs Crane and Mrs Randalle

as narrator #1

as Elise

as Sister Katya

as Chico

as Becky

as The Pilot

as Pixie and Ella

RomCom Manga Chan Youtube Channel in various videos

as Francine

as Hailey

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